Sketchup Pro 2020 File Opening as see through

All of my new and historic files are now opening in a see through like mode. This happens with formerly saved files as well as new one. When I open a new file the human figure in the file shows only as an outline and doesn’t cast a shadow. If I double click on the figure to get in into and edit mode, then the figure’s normal coloring shows, but as soon as I click out of the edit mode it returns to a see through outline. This is also true for all other grouped objects in the file as well Masukawa Room Layout.skp (3.2 MB) Room

hello, sounds like a graphic driver issue. did you try to update your amd drivers ?

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I agree with Paul. This sounds like a graphics driver that seems to be common with certain Radeon cards. The model you shared looks just fine on my computer with an Nvidia card. Updating the graphics drivers will likely fix it. At least it has for others who’ve reported the same thing.

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Thanks Y’all…I will try updating the driver to see if that corrects the problem.

A big THANKS for the GPU driver update suggestions. It did the trick!!