Sketchup Pro 2018 - Transfer to new iMac General Question

Good Evening

I think I am just about to replace my existing iMac with a new one, and just want to double check I do not miss anything when transferring information.

Firstly, I have to deactivate Sketchup Pro on my existing iMac, then install onto the new one.

Secondly, just want to make sure I don’t miss anything when transferring information. I’m planning to copy the following;

1 - Template folder, (already have backed up)
2 - Template Folder for Layout, (already have backed up)
3 - Sketchup Styles, (already have backed up)
4 - All my Materials folders

Have I missed anything?

I’m going to re-install the Extensions from scratch, although how does this work with paid ones, such as Cut n Fill?

One final unrelated question…

In terms of renderers, I currently use, (rarely), Thea Render for Sketchup, but it seems the more I look into it, pretty much no Renderer actually uses the GPU on a Mac. I don’t really understand this, as the new machine I am looking at can have up to 8GB of VRAM, on an AMD Card. Being Cynical, whats the point in having any VRAM if non of the Renderers can use it on a MAC. I guess I just find this a little frustrating. I briefly even looked at the Mac Pro, which can have oodles of VRAM. Again, no good as the Renderer can not use it.

Many thanks


In general, your approach sounds exactly right. Of course, you will want also to copy your .skp and .layout files!

Regarding licenses, I expect that the answer may vary from one extension to another depending on how the individual extension manages its licenses. At worst case you might have to contact the extension developer for an answer…

I can’t address your statement about renderers, as I very rarely do that, other than to observe that amount of VRAM isn’t the whole question. There are different processing capabilities in different GPUs that might be missing in the GPUs Apple is using?

Thank you @slbaumgartner

Very much appreciated.

Yeah, I get that about GPUs. I guess I’m just hoping for an ideal world where all these different systems and hardware could talk to each other better.

I realise that Windows Machines outnumber Apple machines, but I sometimes wish the developers of these rendering programmes would serve Apple machines a bit more. Lumion for example. Not available for Mac at all. (Not that I could afford it :grinning:)

Anyway, moan over with. Very much looking forward to what Sketchup Pro 2019 has to offer. I’m addicted to Sketchup and it forms the entire centre of my workflow. Clients love it too, when they see the 3D Model.


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