SketchUp Pro 2017

Do not know if I am missing something…
Surface Pro 3 / Win 10 / SketchUp 2017
Will sometimes let me connect, most times not; however if I switch back to Pro 2016 (still loaded) will connect every time.
Any idea what to check?


behind corporate firewall (again Pro 2016 works every time)
Kaspersky corporate anti-virus

Which version of SU2017 Pro 64bit are you using? The original release or Maintenance Release 1?

17.1.174 64bit

yep, that’s MR1.

I used to have a problem in SU2016 where I couldn’t login to EW through SU (but could do so from a regular browser), this eventually resolved itself, but I have read of similar cases and if I recall correctly the advice was that they clear the IE cache.

Been there, done that, to no avail.
Thanks for the info.