SketchUp Pro 2017- Started Lagging

Morning All

My sketchUp Pro 2017 has suddenly started to run very slowly and is pro to ‘not responding’, it ran smoothly until the start of January. I don’t think its a performance issue with my MacBook Pro 2016 2.7GHz i7 4CORE-AMD Radeon Pro 460 (4GB) + Intel HD (1.5GB). Its struggling to explode models of as little as 5mb (os maps), i have tried turning off textures etc and regular purging.

On searching the forum i could only find issues relating to underpowered machines and i believe mines more than adequate. My license runs out this Feb and i am wondering wether or not upgrading to 2018 will have adverse effects?


Which version of 17 are you running? Version 17.3.xxxx was a release to make SketchUp 2017 run better on High Sierra. SketchUp 2018 Pro was designed to work even better with High Sierra.

When did you update to High Sierra? What changed on your computer at the start of January?

Thanks for your reply i am running SketchUp Pro 2017(17.3.133), the only thing i have changed is i have moved over to DropBox for all my storage and workflow. My laptop has about 150GB free ssd space on it but i bootcamp windows so i use DropBox to have one file path. I updated to High Sierra in November and didn’t have any issues then.

Ahh… Well there’s your problem, surely. I expect the lagging you’re seeing is the time for autosaves to DropBox. It’s OK to store files in your DropBox account but you should save the working file locally and sync the ones saved in the cloud. It isn’t recommend to save directly to Drop Box.

They are saved directly onto my hard drive and then it syncs via DropBox through that, i am not working on cloud data.

What is the file path to your locally saved files?

MAC HD- User- Me- Dropbox(this folder syncs to the cloud)

Think of it like a backup but DropBox is the external hard drive, the DropBox folder is on my SSD but dropbox then syncs this data to its cloud service.

Try saving your files to a different local directory for a couple of days and see if the lagging goes away.

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