Sketchup Pro 2016 - Error when adding license


I am receiving the error “Oops… SketchUp encountered an error with the license server.” when attempting to add a license to SketchUp Pro 2016. The serial number and activation code has been used many times in the past without issue.

Any ideas?


Is it possible you’re trying to license too many copies? Only two copies can be licensed at any given time with the single seat Pro license.


Hi DaveR,

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

It’s a shared license across many school districts/boards so thousands of computers are using the same license and it’s been this way for a while - probably since the release of the 2016 version. If the license has been used on too many computers, should I expect a different error message? Based on this article I would think so, but maybe I’m missing something?:

Thanks again.



Sorry. There was nothing in your original message to indicate this is an educational license. I was referring to the standard single license. You should contact SketchUp Technical Support directly for assistance with this.