Sketchup Pro 2015 won't save as DAE file


I recently installed Sketchup Pro 2015. I had begun a design in Sketchup Make 2015 which I opened in the Pro version and completed the design. I want to save the file in DAE format so that I can have it 3D printed. When I do a “save file as” command, the drop down menu only shows me the various SKP formats. How do I get it to allow saving to other formats?

By-the-way, when I open the file in question, a dialog box says that the file is currently locked by another user and only lets me open it as a read-only file. I am the only user on this computer. Does the file have to be unlocked before it can be saved in other formats? If so, how?


You’ll want to select File > Export > 3d Model rather than File > Save. Then select COLLADA (dae) format from the Export type drop-down list.


The most common file format for 3D printing is STL, for export, you will need the STL extension.

The second question:


Aha! That does it. Thanks for your prompt reply.