Sketchup plugin

Hello, about sketchup model into 3dsmax, there is an author developed a plug-in, and constantly upgraded perfect, but the latest import method on ruby appeared a little problem, in Ruby right click component save as can not save sktchup model as a low version, I do not know if the official can solve this bug

You should contact the plugin author (Maxscript?).

The following is the author’s reply, through ruby, the component save as can only be saved as the current sketchup version, and can not be saved as the old version, if the old importer with max only supports sketchup2015 version or less

It is not a bug, but a missing feature of the older version SketchUp (and Ruby API).

In the SketchUp 2022.0 the #save_as (file_path, version) is implemented, but for sure will not be there in the earlier versions. There were never been a “patch” for older version.
So I’m afraid, the “official will not solve this” for “Sketchup 2021 version or less”.

There is the method, version) which seems pretty much equivalent from v2014 ??