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Why do I get this band across the top when using Sketchup Online (Please Help) Brian UK

Sketchup Online

You asked this already here!


Hi Brian,

Looks like there’s something in your browser which is interfering with SketchUp’s UI layout. Can you share any information about the browser/version you’re using? I can’t quite tell from your screenshot.



When I use Sketchup Online always get this band at the top, can anyone tell me what it is.

Brian UKLine%20at%20top


What browser are you using, is it up to date? Have you tried another browser on the same machine?


You’re referring to that line between Save and the SketchUp logo? That’s odd. As Liam asks, is your browser up to date? Which browser? Do you get it every time you open SketchUp? You might try clearing caches.


I think it’s a graphical error @DaveR

There should be no band at the top like this:


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