Sketchup Online Disable Autosave?



Every time I draw a line, move an object or make any sort of model changing action the autosave feature on the online version of sketchup basically freezes all actions.
I draw a line > autosave processes for ages > I can’t do anything until it is done > repeat.

Please tell me there is a way to turn off autosave on the browser version of sketchup.


Since the online version is more prone to data loss (accidentially reload or crash tab) and the user has less direct file access, I believe autosave has been made an integral part of the software. Also users of online collaboration softwares are used to that changes are instantly saved.

But I would not expect it saves after every operation (there should be a time period like in the desktop version, maybe shorter).
What is the file size of your project?


The file is currently 22938 KB. Going to reduce it, I have some large builds “hidden” that I could save as separate files. Hopefully size reduction helps. Thanks for this information.