Sketchup on M1 iPad Pro?

I use SketchUp on my desktop pc to design and create large scale residential remodels but would like to use an 12.9" iPad Pro for client presentation at the jobsite. Has anyone used there iPads for this? My models can exceed 500mb so I’m not sure if the M1 chip would handle them.

A 500Mb model probably uses a lot of hi res textures.

I have an M1 ipad and it does take a bit of time to load them all. My M1 only has 8Gb ram too, so I have made SketchUp for iPad crash with a 390mb model.

It seems to deal well with everything once it loads and I don’t see it failing when navigating, so for presentations and markups it works. If you have already setup your scenes it works better.

What I’ve noticed though, from a few versions ago, is that it takes a huge amount of time editing components/groups and I can’t do that by double tapping with the select tool or with finger.

I think the team is aware and might be working on it though, because it used to work fine.