Sketchup old Plugins

I saw a video recently which showed a series of dots joined to form a pebble like image but cannot remember the plugin’s name.
I would be pleased id someone could give me the correct name

Do you have a link to the video as your description leaves a lot to the imagination.

Sorry I do not have a link otherwise I would not have to ask
this question.

Maybe a point cloud to mesh extension?

I’m sorry too then as I really can’t imagine what you are trying to describe.

No not that :frowning: three other plugins were used. The end result was a curved holed mesh
Thanks for your response

Sorry. I guess I’ve drawn a blank, too. Maybe it’ll ring a bell for someone. A “curved holed mesh” is much different from “a series of dots joined to form a pebble like image” in my understanding.

Not to mention the three other plugins we have to guess.

If I had all the answers you are asking for I would have the name of the plugin as well.

Unfortunately you’ve given so little information that it’s unlikely anyone will be able to give you an answer. There must be a couple of thousand extensions for SketchUp. Hitting on the right combination of three is like winning the lottery. Maybe you can look through the history of your internet activity and find some reference to the video.

Yes I realise the problem. Just hope someone would recognise the video from my description. Thanks