Sketchup Newbie - trying to get wood panel to align with front of building

I’ll preface this with: I’ve had Sketchup (free version) for a few days and know very little.

I’m trying to have a quick scaled drawing to show contractor’s that are bidding for remodel work on my garage. There’s a cedar panel that I’m trying to get flat on the face of the building and I just can’t get it.

Any advice is appreciated. Everything here is imported and copy/pasted so I’ve little knowledge of the settings that would need to be changed to make this possible.
TPP Office_Gym.skp (581.3 KB)

You can start with the basics here: The Learning Center, then go to The SketchUp You Tube Channel. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

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I would start: Hi :wink:

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