Sketchup Navigation in Version 23.1.329

What’s happened with navigation in version 23.1.329? It’s driving me insane! The view is jumping around all over the place, especially when I try to work on something up close. I’m currently working on a doorway sideways as the view turns 90 degrees when I try to scroll in close to the doorway…

I haven’t seen anything strange about the navigation in 2023.1. Share your SketchUp file so we can see if we can reproduce what you are experiencing.

Please update your forum profile. It is out of date.

There are a couple of problems with the Walk tool. We have them fixed internally, but the fixes have not made it into an update yet.

Highly recommend a SpaceMouse if you don’t already. Wouldn’t use SketchUp without it at this point.

Sorry, I forgot to reply to your suggestions. Thanks so much for these. The navigation seems to have changed in this version. I previously was able to hold the wheel on the mouse to orbit and scroll the wheel to zoom into the section I’m working on. However, when I do this now, as soon as I let go of the mouse wheel, it defaults to a view that is predetermined by Sketchup. If this makes sense? I also have to hold down the CTRL key to orbit too now and it doesn’t orbit as smoothly as it previously did. It’s incredibly frustrating!

@millypatty :

Did this behavour start right after updating to 23.1.329 or some time later?
It could be that your mouse is worn out…

Yes, straight after the upgrade to 23.1.329

I’m using 23.1.340, have the problems with the walk tool been included in this version? I still find the new walk tool unusable for the same reasons as the op, whenever i try to walk the view jumps all over the place where it used to just start walking from wherever you set off. I have the older version (22) and if I switch back to that version it’s fine.

I checked for when the walk tool problems were fixed, and it was after the most recent 2023 version. The next update will have those things fixed. I can’t say when that will be released.

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