Sketchup Make Suggestion

“SCALE UP, draw by 10x or 100x scaling factor and then compensate later.
Intersect and Follow me just can’t handle tiny numbers because opengl or something.
Autocad users… Look, scale up, don’t argue, just do it.”

*** I wish sketchup made/would make a primer for 3d printer users explaining the above.***
Would have saved me a lot of time. Perhaps this info is in the knowledge center, but I couldn’t find it.
Old folk like me don’t look for answers in forums quickly like younger people do, we check the manual first.

Dont get me wrong – I think sketchup is great.
Once you understand how it works it’s crazy intuitive.

The manual is currently being overhauled and rewritten.

Try these topics:

Problems creating small models. what size to design at? SketchUp

3D Printing using SketchUp: tutorial

… and many other helpfuls topics in the 3D Printing Category


Knowledge Center Article: Making a model 3D Printable

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