SketchUp Make not working properly

I use SketchUp Make. Until about 2 weeks ago, Make worked perfectly fine for me. Now, I can’t use the camera (the sensitivity seems to have shot up, and I can’t find how to change it). My model disappears when I zoom in - so I can’t do detail. Also, it is pretty laggy generally, and the other day I lost an entire model (Autosave wasn’t working)
I don’t think it’s my laptop as everything else works fine.
I’ll attach the model I’m working on now (excuse the mess :joy:)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
(Sorry, the file is too big to attach here so I used a Dropbox link

You’ve got some giant windows in your model. What are they for?

There are also giant camera volumes.

Get rid of that stuff and Zoom Extents should bring you into your model.


I was having the same problems before I put them there.
I was experimenting with what would look good :slight_smile:
I’ll try anyway :slight_smile: Thanks @DaveR

No, that didn’t change anything :thinking:

I cleaned up your model a bit. There was some other geometry at a great distance from your main model.

It would be a good idea to learn about using groups, components, and layers correctly.

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Thanks :slight_smile: haven’t had a chance to check that out but I will as soon as I can.
Is there a tutorial where I can properly learn about them?

Start with

Yes. It’s free.

I assume you’re just doing this as a hobby? Another couple of things you might want to consider is to wait until later in your modeling process to add components like the car which tend to bloat the file as well as materials. As fun as it is to see your model with the textures applied, those textures can get in the way of modeling. Wait until the geometry if basically done before you add the textures.

Yh :slight_smile: just doing this as a hobby for a family member :slight_smile:
Ah OK brilliant :slight_smile: can I just hide them for now or will that cause problems - should I completely delete it then reimport it later?

You could give the car a layer and turn that layer off. As for the materials, you can get them out of your way by choosing the Monochrome face style under View>Face Styles.

Ok :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your time. It’s appreciated!

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