Sketchup Make Crashes when opening a Sketchup 8 Files

So at work I work on Windows with Sketchup 8 pro. It works perfectly fine. No problems. I just bought a new mac yesterday its brand new. I work on my own things out of work and prefer a mac over pc. But I am trying to open a file that I’ve been working on on my PC with Sketchup 8 pro and every time I open the file on my new mac through Sketchup make 2015 it gives me a bug splat within seconds. I don’t know whats going on I have deleted and re downloaded sketchup 10 times trying to see if that was the issue but every time it crashes. The same file opened on my old mac with a older version of sketchup. And Sketchup works fine on opening but just not when I open a new file. So I dont think it is the mac to pc issues. Is it the new version of sketchup that is causing this issue??
Can someone please help me figure out what is going on and fix this?

what ‘Template’ are you using?
if not a default one, can you post it…

so, from the info so far:
you can click on SU icon in the dock or ‘Applications/Sketchup’ folder and it opens? Y/N
if you then use [SU menu] >> File >> New it crashes? Y/N
if you use [SU menu] >> File >> Open and select the v8 file it crashes? Y/N
if you use double click on the v8 file it with SU opened it crashes? Y/N
if you use double click on the v8 file it with SU closed it crashes? Y/N

does the skp contain Vray or other renderer materials?

can you post the skp?

lots of questions, sorry…

Also be aware that some old plugins may have bugs that save Attribute Dictionaries with nil or empty string keys. This will crash SketchUp in some versions.

Check your old files for these errors. (It is also recommended that plugins not save nil as a value into dictionaries, but "nil" wrapped in a textstring, is alright.)

There are several good Dictionary inspector plugins,…

one by Andreas : Attribute Inspector
(runs on SU8+)

one by Christina : Attribute Editor
(runs on SU8+)

one by Thomas of the Dev Team : Attribute Helper
(runs on SU2014+)

I’m using the default template. It works perfectly fine when I’m opening a new file. But the problem is when I open a file from a older version of sketchup (sketchup pro8which I did on a PC) it crashes right away when opening on my brand new Mac using sketchup make 2015.

Answering your questions…

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

And yes I use podium… Which I haven’t yet installed on my new computer yet.

I’m currently opening the file perfectly fine on my old Mac using sketchup 8. And rendering it fine…: it just doesn’t like the new version or my new computer. How do I post the file??

when replying the icon in the red ring is for adding uploads…
click it, navigate to file, then click then Upload button on the popup…

from your answers, the 2nd is the odd one out…