Sketchup Make and Windows 10

Just installed Sketchup Make on Windows 10 and I’ve got a problem.
When I use the mouse wheel to scroll in a box to select a template when Sketchup starts I loose the scroll bar and can’t use the box anymore. I can’t select anything inside the box with the mouse.

SketchUp does not yet support Windows 10. *
(Notice that Windows 10 is not yet listed on the Hardware and Software Requirements page.)

The Admins have pinned a prominent warning post in the SketchUp category, which you should read:
Early Adopters (of New OS Versions) Be Cautious

* FYI: SketchUp 2015 was released last Nov in 2014. Windows 10 was just released 30 days ago.

All that said, use the mouse to grab the scroll bar handle (pip, whatever it is called,) and manually slide it. Or click just above the handle to page up, click below the handle to page down. You do not need to select a template every time you start SketchUp. Selecting one makes it the default template.

Hey I’ve found that holding CTRL while you scroll activates the scrolling function. Had the same problem as you.

Hey Dan I’m not sure if your aware but I’ve found that holding CTRL while scrolling in the template selection screen activates the scrolling function for Sketchup in Windows 10.

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I’m having a problem possibly related to using Sketchup Make under Win 10. Using 3D Warehouse is somewhere between painfully slow and non-existent. Any help on the horizon?