SketchUp Make and Office 2013 issue


I Have installed SketchUp Make 2015 and after installation it corrupts Microsoft Office 2013. I am not able to run any Office product after installation nor can I uninstall and re install Office to fix this issue. I am currently running Win 7 sp1 64 bit OS along with a variety of other software. Has anybody seen anything similar to this? If so a direction you could point me in to keep me from having to re mirror my machine and/or dedicating a few machines for SketchUp alone?



Any info in what way it corrupts MS Office, and how you determined that it happened in relation with installing SketchUp?
Error messages? Symptoms?


Before installation office 2013 works after installation I get this message when I try and run any office product. I duplicated it on another machine as well. I installed sketch up make on a different lab and it had no issues with office 2013


It happened to me also, I had to reinstall Office from scratch!
And now SU doesn’t start anymore.

There are some conflicting DLLs I think.
On my Lap I have Win 8.1 and no issues.