SketchUp Make 2017 or Space Navigator Problem?

Let me begin by saying I have updated the following: Windows 10, 3-D Connexion drivers, and uninstalled and reinstalled Sketchup Make 2017. I have been using SU for over a year now and have had 2 maybe 3 Bug Splats, Yesterday I had 5 or 6. I was trying to model a staircase after watching Matt Jackson’s You-Tube video (Deck Stairs 101 Video Tutorial - YouTube) I first made a rectangle, push/pulled it up, chose the line tool and started a line from the top of the box down to the bottom. I used the selection tool to pick the line and divided it by whatever. I erased all but the top divided line, and from the bottom, I drew a line out so far . I selected these 2 lines ( the rise and run ) and used the move tool to copy and move it down to start the second from the top step down. I used the (*) to multiply this and used the Space Navigator to orbit around to see better. The instant I touch the Space Nav. I get the Bug Splat. Every time I did it numerous times. This probably is not a Sketchup Problem But I am sure the geniuses on this forum probably know how I can fix this.

Have you reached out to the guys at 3DConnexion? In my experience, they have a very responsive and knowledgeable support staff.

As for people on this forum helping out, It would probably be best to upload a copy of the file that is causing the problem.

Did you send in the BugSplat reports, with some info that can be identified (to find the reports in the database) ?

Have you updated SketchUp 2017 to the latest M2 release ?

I have reported the Bug Splats (all of them) and I have uninstalled and reinstalled SU 2017 a couple of times. as far as updating SketchUp 2017 to the latest M2 release, I assumed when I reinstalled it that I would get the updated version, and lol I do not know what an M2 release is.

It is the Maintenance Release 2, see the Release Notes page:

Only if you re-download the installer will you get the latest release.
Inside SketchUp the Help > About dialog will tell you which version you have installed.

Make sure that you install by right-clicking the installer, and choose “Run as administrator”.

Well, I reran the installer as the administrator and I have version 17.2.2555 64-bit. I tried doing that same task that causes the Splat and it happened again.

Also on a different note, every time I get the splat and reopen Sketchup I have to reset up my workstation. I loose all of my keyboard shortcuts, my toolbar goes back to basic and I have to reset up my trays.

Close SketchUp after setting up your workspace so the changes are saved.
Upon restart save a settings dat file:
Window > Preferences > Shortcuts > Export…

Thanks for the workspace information. I am still waiting to hear from 3-D Connexion support.