Sketchup Make 2017 Cleanup3 Error message help please

DPAR 2020 W Wing Loft 16jun20.skp (123.3 KB)

The masonry component of my building ceases to be solid after I remove temporary construction lines on the bottom face.
Cleanup3 error message reads:

Results of Validity Check.
‘Entity CVertex (6097) is missing a persistent id - fixed.’

Any way to translate this into what I should correct, please?

I’m on my phone so can’t look at your model now. However, that message comes from SketchUp’s internal database checker, not from cleanup3 per-se. It is in effect a confession that there is a bug in SketchUp’s database management that allows an illegal situation (missing or invalid id) to occur.

There is no practical way that I’ve heard of for a user to find the offending object. But on this case the fix of assigning an id won’t damage your model.

The bottom of the masonry somehow came to be non-planar. Only by fractions of a mm, but enough that SketchUp won’t close faces there. I adjusted the vertices to be a consistent height using the move tool and then traced edges to get SketchUp to generate the bottom face. Finally, created a group from the geometry and it reports as solid.

DPAR 2020 W Wing Loft 16jun20.skp (147.1 KB)

Awesome! Thank you so much, Steve.

I found a microscopic stray line that may have been messing up line my snapping and deleted it, but no improvement, so re-drew that part of the model from scratch and Cleanup 3 is no longer reporting the error.

Just as well it wasn’t my model of the Crab Nebula (kidding!)