Sketchup Make 17 zoom issue


I have just downloaded Make 17, Im new so probably a dumb question, it seems when I draw a line, even when zoomed in it still shows the scale on a short line as being 300M long, how do I get close for detail??


I think i’ve sorted it, is there a back button?


If you meant a delete button to remove your question, I’m not sure, there may be. But you could also reply with the solution you found, then someone else searching for the same thing will try your solution.


In sketchup make there is no "back button " that i can see. The keyboard
issue was a faulty keyboard thats been replaced


If you mean Undo, ctrl+z, or Edit menu Undo, or alt+backspace.


That is what I meant😊, thanks, so easy when you know.
Can you recommend a good tutorial for Make?, save me asking novice

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The tutorial vid’s on the you tube channel will teach you all of the basics, watch the first three at least:


Sorry for late reply, great tutorial, just when I make groups, when I go to edit the other parts disappear.


Uncheck View->Component Edit->Hide Rest of Model


Did you read my answer to your question in your other thread?


Note: the menu item I listed and the model info checkboxes @DaveR mentioned affect the same SketchUp option.


That makes sense. Thanks mate :+1:


If your model is too big, then you’ll probably get object clipping if you try to zoom in close. You could resize your model with the tape measure tool. Click two points, then type in the distance you want the line to be, then press Enter. If you want to retain the size of your model, then it might cause object clipping. Although, there are ways to draw details in oversized models like drawing components in a different file, then updating the components in your large model to make changes.


Just wondering if it effects the 3D warehouse access when I revert to free

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SketchUp Make & SketchUp Free both have access to the 3D warehouse. Also, the 3D warehouse is a website that you can download models from without downloading SketchUp.


Not sure if you got the emoticons but an email came back saying it had no
Thanks anyway :sunglasses::slight_smile:

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