Sketchup login page freeze

I download the SketchUp pro-2021, when I open the SketchUp then press login, it show that let me launch into the browser again, and I press it, it freezes, I cannot see any new page show up and even the login page, I already contact with Trimple and follow up the steps they provide, update NVIDIA or more, still the same, I press alt + tab, it doesn’t show up new login page or browser, how can I fix it?
window 10
Geforce GTX 1060

The log in page opens in a web browser, not as a new window inside SketchUp. Which browser is set as the default one in Windows?

hi, i know that the log in page opens in a web browser, but there was no any web browser open, even I did alt + tab, no any new web browser open~
the default one is the google chrome~

I have the same issue with opening the application. This window comes up with “launch browser again”. When I select it freezes or nothing happens. Is there another way to open the program?