Sketchup loading error

I use daily sketchup but today dont know what happened i open the sketchup it launched but i cant c the green ground which opens at the default and when i minimize and maximize i can c the icon and at the center the background of my desktop icon i can c. i have uninstall and install 3-4 times but still the same

i got the solution after installing i open the sketchup and uncheck the hardware acceleration thats it…

That mean that the CPU is doing all the work and your performance when using SketchUp will be worse. Turning off is meant mainly for debugging. If things work when Hardware acceleration is off it means there is an issue with your graphic card driver. Have you tried updating it?

Btw, what graphic card do you have?

i dont have graphic card to my system. 4GB RAM with win7

every system does have a graphics subsystem, otherwise you wouldn’t see anything :wink:

open W7 Start menu, type in search bar “dxdiag” and run, then see “Display” tab.

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