Sketchup link not loading Scenes, seems to throttle internet connection

Hi there,

Cabinet Maker here. I use the link sharing in Sketchup for Web to share 3D models with my clients, I embed 3 - 4 scenes to show the cabinetry with/without doors, with/without walls etc. This is a very useful way to show a client what the product will look like before making it and all the better that it doesn’t require them to sign up.

The issue I’m having (especially on mobile, but also on desktop web browser) is that selecting different scenes is clunky. They don’t load, and it doesn’t seem to be a time issue, i.e. waiting for it to load doesn’t make it act smoother. It’s just a bit ‘buggy’ for want of a better term. Double-clicking sometimes works, sometimes not.

One thing that I noticed while using it on mobile (where I have an indicator of the strength of internet connection in kB or MB) is that as soon as the viewer is opened, the internet connection begins to drop. I’ve tested this a few times in various different ways, on cellular and on Wifi. It is as though the coding in the Viewer is throttling it’s own connection.

Perhaps this could be passed on and amended, it is a wonderful feature to have and I hope it keeps improving all the time.

Many thanks,


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