Sketchup License and Serial Number email not sent

Hi all,

I purchased SketchUp for educational use and have had my academic proof processed and confirmed. I have also gotten an email with my order number and also have confirmation of the payment for SketchUp via my bank account. However, as I do more research it seems I should have received an email from with my codes but I have not. It also says that my subscription is canceled when I am one the SketchUp log-in screen. Hopefully this is not confusing and any help is appreciated.


What license you you buy? Perceptual or subscription? With the latter you should be able to just sign in with your email address.

Perhaps the emails could be made a bit more clear about what the next step is.

@eneroth3 I bought an educational license. The code for it is SKP-EDUSTU-YR and a subscription to it but when I log it says no subscription found. I also found another post identical to my problem (Problem accessing my EDU subscription) However, the email solution doesn’t work for me as I have used my school email throughout the entire process. 13%20AM

I have found the issue, a strange one to be honest. It had to do with my school and there are two different email address that go to the same account (personal address and public address). Anyway, the third party used my public address which I have not used since starting here instead of the personal one I used to make all of my accounts.

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