Sketchup/Layout Product Roadmap Feature Request Board (Concept) - What Do You Think?:

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, one of the big things I believe the community was backing in the Layout petition post LAYOUT PETITION: Status: CLOSED - Trimble Response Posted May 27th - #334 by AK_SAM was a product roadmap board for Sketchup/Layout users to vote on features and to see future development in the pipeline.

I am not sure if/when Sketchup will create a product roadmap area for the community, however I am curious to see what you think of this one? If Sketchup/Layout used a roadmap board like the one in this link Feature Requests | ClickUp would you find it useful? If not, why?

If you care about the development of Sketchup/Layout, it would be great to get as much feedback on here as possible with what the community thinks and if you have better suggestions feel free to leave them! I hope to see this post blow up with feedback!


Hi ArayaCAD,
I was very glad that you had the energy and followthrough to pull off the LayOut Petition, but I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed by what has (at least so far) come out of it, in terms of the latest release of LayOut.
Regarding the roadmap idea, yes, wouldn’t it be great if Trimble would talk about what they are working on and plan for the future, or even give us a vote! Unfortunately, based on the disclaimer comments I’ve seen from Colin, Adam, etc, they are apparently not allowed to talk about upcoming features or plans, until they are released. (Maybe this has something to do with “the competition”, whoever that is … but I have never understood this position).
So … we, as users could make a “roadmap” (wishlist) of the improvements we want, and maybe poll/tally them and take votes, but I don’t think Trimble is going to confirm or participate, other than maybe to look at it. But maybe that is enough? Would this/could this have any more penetration and impact than the LO Petition?
If so, then a format something like the ClickUp board might help. Probably worth a try, I’d certainly participate!

Thanks for the feedback!! Yea I think either way someone needs to start this. If Trimble won’t start this than I will. Curious what people think about the idea. Some pessimistic views might suggest that it’s not worth it, however I think why not? The users to vote on features they want and actually seeing a tally would be really great I think. If Trimble were not to back this kind of feature request board created by someone else, or were not to make their own, than I’d set one up and would have to figure out how to market it so that it got enough attention and participants. I am going to speak with Trimble to see what can happen here, in the meantime, would love any feedback from users.

The problem with a roadmap is that you have to announce things that are interesting enough. Imagine a roadmap a few years ago that would announce the latest “new things” that we know today.

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The way I see this working is where the roadmap is based around what the community thinks are the most popular feature requests. Currently there is no place that shows anyone who wants what. Creating a feature request area where the community votes on what they think is important, which in turn is what creates a large part of the sketchup/layout roadmap, would be really useful for the people using this program and developers developing this program to see what’s coming next, what’s being worked on, what’s planned, etc, all like in my original example of the post.

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What you are asking for already exists (almost). There are Feature Request lists. To give you an idea, the simple improvement of layer groups (SU2021) was suggested years ago.
If you look at the small improvement of the freehand drawing tool in SU2022. Who really needs it?

What you asked was possible during LastSoftware years. I remember they communicate about an improvement on Layout, after the launch of the beta version. An improvement that never came after the software was sold.

I did an experiment: I adapted a simple key function from SketchUp in Blender, with the constraint of not copying it for legal reasons. The result is beyond what I imagined: the function has been reinvented and improved, to the point that the user experience is enriched. This confirms what I think about the underdevelopment of SketchUp, and also, I am surprised at the lack of imagination on products in direct competition with SketchUp which try to imitate it or come close to it. Or the total lack of attention to ergonomics.

One more thing… just find a solution to create a Layout concept in Blender. It’s not planned before the end of the year, but I will do some tests in the coming days. The last lock jumped: printing scale drawings from Blender. It seems impossible without coding in C++. In fact there is a roundabout solution. I don’t know why no one has thought of it so far…