Sketchup Layout mouse not visible in new file

Strange problem arises. Opening an existing SU Layout file directly, my mouse pointer behaves normally. Opening an new SU Layout file, mouse pointer is no longer visible. It is there, because I work with a Wacom Intuos Pro Large and with that I can estimate location, if I click somewhere, software just responds. Even with traditional mouse, mouse is not visible. With reduced Layout screen, pointer appears around it though. Who recognizes this and has a solution

I’d first make sure your Wacom driver is up to date. I also use the Intuous pro - but medium. I had the large version and it gave me nothing but trouble until it finally made its way to the round file.

hello Sonder, thanks for your comment. The Wacom driver is up to date. I have been using the Wacom Intuos pro large for years, without any problem. So it’s not the tablet’s fault. It’s actually even stranger: when I open Sketchup or SU-Layout blank, the cursor is gone, even if I open an existing file from there. But when I open an existing Sketchup or SU layout file directly, the cursor is just normally visible, very strange.

…is anyone also familiar with this problem and possibly someone with a solution?..

Graphics Drivers would be the next thing do check out.

If you have an intel CPU run this and do any updates you can
Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

Then once that is done, update any discrete graphics card you have
AMD Drivers and Support | AMD

Official GeForce Drivers | NVIDIA

Also, another thing, if you are on a laptop and use a 2nd screen - disconnect the 2nd screen and see if it works when that is not connected.