Sketchup layout em portugues

quero o sketchup em portugues

Scroll down.

One thing to know about the 2020.2 installer, there is only one version. The downloads page lets you get to other languages in case you need an older version, but for 2020.2 all of them point to the same download URL.

As for whether SketchUp shows menus in Portuguese, that depends on whether you have added the language pack during the install, and on your Windows region settings.

Obrigado pela ajuda
agora gostaria de saber se me pode dizer como apagar um album( scrapbooks) no layout
tenho 2 iguais e quero apagar 1

Scrapbooks are in this folder (copy and paste this into File Explorer):

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\LayOut\Scrapbooks

You can delete the duplicates in File Explorer, then reopen LayOut.

with an installation of SU2021.0 which is failing the download of the German language pack ("…remote server…unknown error… ask software supplier…") from I would like to launch the downloaded MSI manually by adding the required command line switch(es). Launching the MSI without a parameter just installs nothing.

Can you pls provide the required command line switch(es) for installing the German language pack to an already existing SU21-EN program installation?

Would you be ok with using the offline installer? That has all of the languages inside it.

I will tell the installer team about the language pack error.

should suffice, if not I will holler.

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