SketchUp keeps crashing when installing plugins

No, not the character “u”. He mentions \u - the slash there is key, that denotes an escaped character.

For instance, puts "\u00A9" will print the copyright symbol, 00A9 is the hexadecimal notation for that unicode code point.

I’m not seeing anything in this thread to indicate this is the source of this. Where did you get that from?

My impression was that installing a patch update fixed the crash. SketchUp keeps crashing when installing plugins - #10 by michal.p

The error from RoundCorner being a different issue by itself.

You’re right, maybe the topic should be split. But I dunno how to do this.

The slash is supplied by Windows. I just tried (iversion 2020 as it is my work computer). Renamed a model to start with lowercase u and this is what I get when trying to open Component Attributes:
Without the u it works as it should.

Lets keep that to a separate thread. This doesn’t appear to be related.

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