Sketchup keeps crashing when I try to import a skull

Not sure why when I try to import a stl skull from thingiverse sketchup will crash? I have no problems importing other stl items. ideas?

Is it crashing or.m does Sketchup just stop responding? If the later, give it more time.

the screen locks up. Then I have to close sketchup

Oh also so say not responding at the top of the sketchup screen

So you should follow this advice:

will try it right now

STL files can contain huge amounts of geometry. It is possible that with a file like a skull (organic shape, lots of curves) that it is importing hundreds of thousands of polygons. Being patient is probably the best solution.

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OK thanks, will keep you posted, It is trying to import now. Will see if it does it

Do you have the thingiverse link for us to try the same model?

still says not responding

Here’s a version with reduced face count (300.000 → 50.000) …

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That took about 5 minutes to import. This one:

only took 2 minutes to import. The quicker one also has faces, your example seems to be wireframe, and no faces. Redrawing lines doesn’t fix them either, maybe it just has too many faces?

It took a few minutes, but it loaded on my Mac. MeshLab says the vertices are not indexed, and that may force SketchUp to work harder while importing, since it has to find and merge duplicates. Also, there are 300000 faces, which may be more detail than you really need.

As stated, 300,000 faces… that’s a LOT of polys.

Thanks for the download link but I can not seem to get it to download as a stl?

ok got the link now to install. but just need a skull not a complete man if you have one?

Try this: Head over to 3D Warehouse, rather than thingiverse… then you are more likely to find a “SketchUp friendly” skull!

Ok thank you very much


maybe a ‘thingyverse’ option for the importer that runs it thru ‘meshlabserver’ would be an nice enhancement…