Sketchup keeps crashing when I move component

hello all!

I am using Sketchup 2022 Pro on my macbook pro 2020 13 inch M1. My sketchup environment keeps crashing when I move components. It now is happening with a specific component every time. This is the component:

Here is the component in the sketchup warehouse: JessEm MasterLift II | 3D Warehouse

What happens is I try to move the component and allign it with the table top surface. Then at a random moment the cursor changes into a loading curser and then the application is frozen and I have to use force quit to close sketchup. It has happened 6 times in a row now.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it?



Share your SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

That’s the backup version of the file but we’ll see what we see.

What is the operating system version?

I’m not seeing any problems with your file on my computer.

It might help if you edit the style and turn on edges but turn off Profiles.

MacOs monterey 12.1

Thanks I’ll try that!

Ok, I tried Googling that, but how do you “turn on edges, but turn off Profiles”?

In the Styles setting. Evidently you’ve already been in there because you have the edges turned off. You’ve also got back edges enabled. Turn them off.
Screenshot - 4_30_2022 , 1_03_23 PM

Have never seen that screen before, maybe with some random key strokes? It seems to have fixed the problem!

But for future reference, why is it crashing with profiles turned on?

Typically that sort of thing comes from the graphics card being overloaded. Are you using a MacBook? Is it plugged into mains power?

Yes I’m using a macbook pro 2020 M1 and its connected to power. I didn’t hear any fans blowing or anything and my model is really simple. Could that really be it?

Dave showed the Windows version, which lives in a tray. On Mac we don’t have trays. The equivalent window can be found at Window->Styles

Please be more specific about what you mean by “crash”. People tend to use that word for a lot of different issues, and often the difference is crucial. Do you mean that SketchUp freezes, i.e. ceases to respond? Do you mean that you get a BugSplat, and if so, are you sending the BugSplat reports in to SketchUp? Do you mean that SketchUp does a crash dump that BugSplat doesn’t catch (often an Apple crash report dialog will then result)?

If it is the third case, please share the crash report so an expert can take a look. Simply sending it to Apple won’t get prompt attention from the SketchUp team!

I don’t have any issues with your model on my Intel-based MBP, whether profiles are on or off. That makes me think there may be an issue with the implementation of profiles on the M1 graphics.

I’m only reporting the typical cause for SketchUp crashing with Profiles turned on. Profiles require more processing from the GPU.

The program crashes, as in it freezes, becomes unresponsive and I have to click on force quite twice. After this, mac os shows a popup with a crash report.

That’s not necessarily crashing. It could be just your computer needing to process what you are asking it to do.

How many other apps do you have running at the time? What does the Activity Monitor report about CPU and memory usage?

I ask because if the apps you are running use too much memory, the OS will have to start “swapping” to SSD, and that dramatically slows down everything. It’s also a special problem on M1 because the CPU and GPU share the same memory, which means you could use it all up sooner. Try giving it a lot more time and see what happens.

Doing a force quit will often cause macOS to generate a crash report. Can you share the crash report? To an expert it will at least give a general idea of the source of the problem.

I just tried to replicate the problem, but turning back on profiles. But it hasn’t happened yet. I have to get back to you when it reoccurs.

What is the location of the saved file?

It was in the Documents folder

Some folders are synced with the iCloud drive (when installing a fresh system, it is set to sync automatically)

Then, you’re upload speed of the internet connection might be the ‘weakest link’ when autosave kicks in.