SketchUp integration into woocommerce

Hello everyone, I have a website which provides canopies to the clients. I have some already designed SketchUp files on my website. I want that when user will see that file as product on my website there should be a button to customize the design. When user will press that button, user should be redirected to SketchUp where user can edit that file or design. After the final editing and customization, user should be able to see the calculated price for that design and then user will redirected to my website with that edited design and then will place me an order with updated design and updated price.
Is there any solution like this? Please help.

Sounds like a job for a pro web developer.

You would need to be using SketchUp Pro for this to start with, and as @Saul suggests, a professional web developer would be able to help you out.

I am a web developer… but I need to confirm that sketchup provides this type of integration in php?

Because as I did research on it… Sketchup is not providing this type of integration so that user will be able to edit design using web and then calculate its price as per edition.

Moving this into the dev section, so devs will see it.

So you require customers to know how to use SU? And you believe they won’t screw up the whole model? You need to do something based on excel Where the shed visualization is shown and there are options to choose / fill in. Length, width, height, options to choose from. This is the short way

Let me clear you the user journey.
1- User will land on my site
2- User will select the product and will see the design (that we will be having already on site)
3- User will press button “customize or edit” design
4- Now user will be redirected to a page where he will see all the options to edit existing design using sketchup
5- User will edit design according to his needs and requirements. Here sketchup will calculate price for this new edited design.
6- User will final the design and then will be redirected to my website and product will be added to cart with new price and with new edited design.
7- User will checkout with new price and and new edited design.

SketchUp runs once on your computer. There is not a way to have it run in the cloud or something where it can create models based on inputs from a web form or something. There is probably a way that you could take input info and feed it into a model using a custom extension, but it is not setup to be used the way you are describing.

SketchUp isn’t want you need, there are product configuratir solutions that you can use instead I suspect.
Have a look at for an example of one

YOUR license to use SketchUp (if you buy one) is NOT transferable to YOUR CUSTOMERS.

But if your customer(s) bought their OWN license, they could run YOUR extension inside SketchUp which can display YOUR website interface in a HTML dialog.

The only other thing you might do is use the SketchUp C API is generate or modify a SKP model file directly from the inputs on a web page. This could be done outside SketchUp. The file could then be downloaded by your customer for tweeking. (Perhaps in the web edition.)

Perhaps there might be some Trimble Connect integration possible ?

It should be noted that, in order to generate anything like what @DanRathbun is suggesting, you need a license, probably for SketchUp Pro.

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… also, the use of SketchUp APIs for any scenario (as well as for use in 3rd party applications,) still requires registering as a SketchUp developer and agreeing to the Trimble APIs Terms of Service.

An easier solution for the end user, might be to create Live Components that they can download, and change options within SketchUp. They could have their tweaked canopy LC in a model of the actual installation.

Live Components are a graph based definition authored in a wizard called Trimble Creator.

So, your canopy LCs could be downloaded from your website and/or hosted on Trimble’s 3D Warehouse.
(There are Live Component samples currently on the 3DW that you can try out.)