Sketchup in Construction Import DWGS and Renders

Came across some work by Studio TM - Tomas Machnikowski on Construction Projects in Vancouver which I thought might be of interest to some.

Author also suggested a way to import AutoCAD dwgs and flatten them including dim and text
I dont have full AutoCAD so maybe someone else might like to check it out

Guy does some nice renders

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Your man has clearly done his homework when it comes to importing DWGs into SU - assuming you want them to look identical to the drawing in AC and you are prepared to do a lot of manual conversion work. I imagine most DWGs are imported into SU simply as a quick launchpad for creating 3D work, which wouldn’t need perfect rendition.

It would be nice if the standard conversion had a way of importing things that it normally can’t, like text. If you could bring in not just the linework but an overlaid image (say) of the original drawing it would allow you to see that non-importable stuff and manipulate the linework separately.