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I’ve made a wishlist for LO Extensions some time ago.

@JoeDrafter, I added two ideas from your list here too. Some of the ideas, like vector patterns, are hard to implement as extensions but would be very useful as native features. Some I had problems understanding but feel free to add them yourself with a short explanation!


I’m pretty sure now that this must be an error.
Shop isn’t able to Use or Create Dynamic components.


SketchUp Team,
Could you please let us know if this is an error or not? I was pretty excited about this change, I was planning on getting five of my coworkers a Shop license to basically use the move tool, rotate tool and interact with dynamic components to create 3D layouts.

Thank you -
Aaron Marr


Goodmorning @Eneroth3 (and @jbacus), I didn’t want to add too much here because it’s not the right thread. I re-composed my list on your forum this morning and add some explainations. Thx for your interest.


can you just quote the phrase in this forum where you read that Shop version have DC?


It’s posted several posts above.


That’s odd. In that schema it says that in Shop You can use and create DCs, nothing about being able to edit then. Contrary to Pro an Studio where you can create and edit them. Not being able to use them? :wink:


oh I see! So the question is: what “create” means?


Well, actually I would be asking what Use means as well as Create.
A Dynamic component when used can be manipulated in ways that the creator has specified. For example you can scale a fence component along its length and it will add more pickets. But as far as I see when you add a dynamic component to a shop model it loses the dynamic attributes.


Edit should be the use of the advanced dynamic components editor .in the past only available to pro users. use should be manipulating after it’s been created…


I suggest you start a new thread @aaron.marr, and add other relevant details.

It may end up looking like a SU Shop feature requests.


The component Attributes (editor) is a very nice tool btw… something SketchUp could possibly focus more attention on for future upgrades.


The @last team would be ashamed at Trimbles antics, pathetic money grab in progress, time to move on @last.


@jbacus You cannot he serious. To suggest that the plugins someone might want for layout is somehow not painfully obvious.


The subscription base software platform is the industry standard now. Why people are surprised, I have no idea. Heck, my email (office 360) is subscription. Since you can still buy a perpetual license, is it just fear of what happens down the road? Autodesk, DataCAD all have been subscription based for years at a much higher cost. I think you’ll find all software following this model very soon.

SketchUp and Layout are priced at a bargain cost for what you can achieve. Any business that is even remotely profitable would see $299/yr as a minimal expense given the competition.

As for new features in the 2019 release, I think everyone needs to read the bug fixes, instead of simply focusing on added features. Remember, what makes SU so powerful is simplicity. You can make it as big as you like with plugins, or as simple as you like using native tools. The key is the base software. I for one don’t want to see it loaded up with features. That would destroy the whole premise of why I, and many of you love it so much. Performance is far more important than additions.

Just my 2 cents.


Maybe this thread can help you understand…


Amen Joe!

Could the Sketchup Team please just let us know (in the very near future) if they plan to do anything about Layout so that we can decide if it’s a proper software for our workflow?


No, unfortunately. My point was, the majority of professional software is or is currently changing to the subscription platform. Why would SU be any different.


I share your concerns with the kernel performance of SU and where development is heading (I am sure Trimble share those concerns too).

What I believe is worth considering further, is the history of SU and the steps Trimble has taken to honour that history. Because SU was free for so long, Trimble has put in a lot of effort with the free web version. This history also makes it less certain as to the viability of turning it into a cloud based powerhouse or other options (especially considering the competition).

Relevant industries are also changing fast technologically, so SU needs maintain relevance with VR, AR and XR services, etc. (I would class this effort as critical to SU’s survival).

So, the desktop Pro version has clearly had much less input than most would like.

The Pro subscription may also be critical to SU’s survival to bring in new Pro users.


We’re not suprised, we’re disappointed. (in my case: discourage)

That’s why I’m not using office anymore and most people I know do the same. Actually I don’t recall anyone in my network who see subs beeing a good thing.

Yes it is. This for me is Deja vu more than once. When I was in music industry, I saw the same scenario happen to Cakewalk/Sonor, who eventually die. I was running Cirque du Soleil shows on that software. That really shaked my business and I don’t want to go back there. The most scary thing about sub is not the sub itself, it’s that could mean the end. So again, Yes it’s pure fear.
added: And because learing a new software/workflow takes time and ressources, it would be nice to see the curve coming.

Can’t be more agree! Time to apply this beautiful though to LO now.

To repeat some on this forum, AMEN!

It’s good to read your opinion Nick.