Sketchup import to ansys gives hollow surface!

i am currently working on a graduation project, and am facing an issue whenever i try to import sketchup 3D drawing on spaceclaim/ansys r17 (using stl extension)
The body shows as multiple surfaces as shown below and hollow from the inside.

are there any suggestions to convert it from hollowed surface to one solid merged body ?

thank you

Does SketchUp show the object as solid? (For that to be true, the geometry must be enclosed in a group or component, and each edge must be connected to exactly two faces.) If you upload the SKP model file to another reply to this post, other community members may be able to take a look at it and given detailed comments.

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It must also have all faces oriented so their front sides face “air” and their back sides face “material”. Many other apps ignore back sides of faces and get confused if this rule isn’t followed.