Sketchup house

Aaron and Charles,

I have a client who designed his house using SketchUp, would you interview him please?

Thank you.

Omar Soubra ?

or is it someone else ?

also, I moved your thread to happening, where infos about videos are.

and you really need to fix your profile, it’s nonsense.
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here is how.

right now, you’re using a free plan of pro, using a pro os (neither mac nor pc) and a pro GPU.
if you want to be taken seriously, you have to play by the rules.

Thank you. Merci.

for… what ?
changing the category ?
pointing that you made the request twice already ?
or telling you to fix your profile, which you didn’t yet.

I’m puzzled, why do I deserve thanks ? :thinking:

You should have your friend post about his process of designing and building his house using sketchup right here on these forums! We would absolutely welcome that.

changing the category

Thank you.

You know there are one or two other people that make houses, perhaps they are on the interview list ahead of your client.

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