SketchUp Hardware Concept

New tool for the future of 3D design

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How does this simple model apply to SketchUp Extensions ?


Don’t worry. It’s for “the future”, not now.

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Hi Dan,

I would say that this concept of a hardware component to SketchUp’s software would be in fact an external extension much like an instrument that one would play or get in the “flow” to create 3D designs.

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What does your “hardware component” do ?

What would it bring to SketchUp that the current Dynamic Components extension does not already bring ?

… or for that matter, what the Live Components that are under development bring to SketchUp ?

Do you mean like using a component library ?

I guess @tylerdorfman8 is imagined a kind of equipment (a hardware) with some slider, knobs and wheel (maybe with touch surface?) to “extend” the usability of Sketchup (like e.g.: SpaceMouse ).
But he did not considered what the Extension is meaning here indeed…

I gave up guessing on such limited posts long ago :wink:

But I don’t see how you could come to such a guess. (Such hardware usability features are either a core feature, a hardware driver feature or implemented in the operating system.)

I can imagine anything, but even the opposite. :wink:

The key thing is : One of my colleagues who saw me using the SpaceMouse said something like this a few months ago: You use it as an instrument, how harmonious …

I still fail to understand how posting a simple model (of what we do not know) with not much of an explanation at all can lead to a guess of a navigational extension.

I am fast coming to the conclusion that this topic is at the best … a waste of time.


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Yes I agree. It seems to be at least off “category” post … :peace_symbol:

(Moved from Extensions category to Corner Bar… if I am off base, please let me know)