SketchUp Grievances 2022

I’ve been using SketchUp Pro for a few years now and there are some things - some small some not so small that keep making it through each version. I wanted to list all of them here to see if anyone else is having these issues and bring them to the attention of the developer team.

My Setup:

Mac mini (M1, 2020)
MasOS 12.1

SketchUp Pro 2021
Version 21.1.331

Issue 1: Frequent Crashing while doing arbitrary things
Sketchup consistently crashes infrequently from doing minor things.
For example: when using the erase tool holding shift turns it into another tool. If the action trying to be performed is incompatible with SHIFT + Erase the program might crash. This is a problem because in order to pan you have to use Shift making this a frequent occurrence.

Issue 2: SketchUp hijacking my browser after every crash
Every time SketchUp crashes it feels the need to hijack my browser and open bugsplat showing me an unhelpful message regardless of the bug. Usually, it recommends I get in touch with support. Considering SketchUp crashes very frequently this is really annoying and should be an option to turn off. Also, MacOS already has a reporting mechanism in place which usually pops up along with bugsplat.

Issue 3: Minimizing Vray Render Window minimizes the entire SketchUp App. What’s the obsession with taking control away from the user? A plugin should not be able to minimize the app. End of story. They are only a fragment of the SketchUp App experience and should not be able to dictate what a user can and can’t do. Fix or put permissions in place.

These are the only ones that have immediately come to mind so far but feel free to add more.

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For #2, the browser window only shows if you send in the bugsplat. Thanks for sending them in! Occasionally the page will take you to a known issue article, though that isn’t very often.

The Apple report is only the crash log. The bugsplat one sends in additional log files, that helps to show what was being done at the time of the crash.

By the way, if you do send in a bugsplat, add your email address. I couldn’t see any reports from your gmail account.

Have an 2021 intel iMac Pro running SKU 2022

Issue 1 never happens to me. Technically speaking I have very few bug splats at all unless I’m running a resource heavy plugin or two plugins that are having border disputes and sketchup is the mediator that gets a stick in the eye for it. Best thing to do for this one is do a video screen grab (shift/command/5) and post it here so someone can see what is actually happening.

Issue 2 - see Colin’s response…it’s way better than any gibberish I might spew out.

Issue 3 - no comment…don’t use Vray.

not sure what means for Intel Macs as compared to Apple Silicon Macs.

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One thing to note is that SketchUp 2021 is not supported on MacOS 12.1. You could try upgrading to 2022 - it is M1 native and doesn’t require Rosetta to run.

You are 2 versions behind on your Mac OS updates . They are on 12.3 now

For sure you want to do that- especially as in this case you are relying on Apple’s software to let SketchUp work at all - the Os updates also contain driver updates etc that you need to keep things working well with any current software.

Also, SketchUp 2022 has built in support for the different type of processor that this Mac uses- so running this should be more resilient.

^although not if you need to use V-Ray which doesn’t support this.

This is another way you might be able to get v-ray to work with 2922

  1. Find the app in your Applications folder.
  2. Select the app, and then press Command-I (or right-click/use the File menu and select Get Info .). This will open an Info window with details about the app.
  3. In the Info window, look for a checkbox labeled, “Open using Rosetta”. Check the box.
  4. Close the Info window.
  5. If you’re already running the app, quit and relaunch.
    If you do want to use v-ray with sketchup 2022 on n M1 app, you can ask MacOS to boot the X86 version of Sketchup.

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