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respected sir/madam,
we worked with sketchup pro 2016 for modelling and energy simulation (day lighting factor)
for our project site. please give me extensions for that and I ensure that this will use only for academic purpose only.
please your support very helpful for our project and please give licence version of sketchup pro 2016.

Thank you,
Bhavesh Gulani

Sir, can we have full version of sketchup which support all extension in
free of cost
because it is academic purpose only
please support us

The free desktop version of SketchUp Make does support all extensions, however some developers choose to only make those extensions available in the Pro version, so that’s more an issue to bring up with them than Trimble. If it’s a specific extension you need then you should try contacting the creator to see if they are willing to give you a trial or what not.

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This is just an user forum. You should contact SketchUp directly, or a local reseller.


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