Sketchup freezes on clicking add location

SketchUp is freezing on clicking on add location. It doesn’t respond and has to closed using task bar. Please suggest a solution to the problem

SU 2024 does not properly handle some display configuration.
Most likely the Add location windows opens off screen.

Make sure you are signed into SU.

Follow this guide exactly after opening: File>>Add Location
0. Wait about 5-10 seconds without move or click with a mouse

  1. Hold down the ALT key. Hit SPACEBAR.
  2. Release ALT key
  3. Hit M (Move)*.
  4. Hit one of arrow keys
  5. Move your mouse around (without pressing any mouse key) until you see the missing window.
  6. Press left mouse button on the desired place

( *Note I assume you have English windows otherwise you may need to replace “M” with a localized initiate letter, e.g. “L” in French)

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