Sketchup freezes during "pull" with same file on two different computers

Hi, I’m working on a relatively simple model, and althoguh I am very familiar with most basic Sketchup tools, and made connsiderably more complex models in the past, the program is suddenly freezing up when I ask it to do a simple push-pull in a newly created bit of plane geometry.

Both my computers are old, I’m expecting to replace one, but I got a new graphics card forthe other, and the behavior occurrs on BOTH computers, so I have to wonder if I’m asking Sketchup to do something it doesn’t want to do… Still, I’m not asking it to do anyting out of the ordinary, so…

Here is a copy of the file (if upload successful), and you will see the obvious plane I’m talking about, I just want to pull it over so I can then stretch it out and make a 45°strut for this arch.

Also, here is a screengrab of my system, and you will probably tell me that it’s because I’ve only got 4go of RAM.

Grahics card is a Radeon HD6450.

I’ve been reading forums and searching Google, but issues seem rather varied. Perhaps I just need a new computer, and that will be the end of the matter. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

Arch 5,8 with 18 x 18 posts for component.skp (208.9 KB)

Select and delete the edge running up the beam and try again.

Wow, well, that was simple enough ! Why did that change things ? I’d like (and need) to know).

Thank you very mucy !

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