Sketchup Free Web App Upgrade Prompt and can't edit model

I’ve started working on a model in the Sketchup Free Web app and I wanted to continue working on it but it won’t let me edit the model, and I get an Upgrade message. Is the Free Web version time limited, like the trial for Sketchup Pro?

The Upgrade link is there all of the time, you can ignore it if you don’t want to get SketchUp Shop. You also see the upgrade message if you try to do something that only comes with the Shop version. Editing materials is one example.

Where were you at the time that it wouldn’t let you edit the model?

@Kal, see the top right corner (the X sign) of the upgrade link window to terminate blocking it from continuing editing: (you need to hover over to the top of that window)

Solid inspector is just an example that brings up the message

Hey guys, thanks for the quick reply.

@colin I started it a few weeks back and opened it up again today to finish it. When I clicked the outliner panel a similar message came up to what @Wo3Dan posted.
It’s been a while since I last used Sketchup, I used to do quick packaging mockups, back when Photoshop didn’t have 3D functionality. It’s for a woodworking project, materials are not a problem since I’m not planning on rendering it.

@Wo3Dan Here’s a screenshot of the message. I’ve tried closing it, but when I click X it closes the whole panel.

That is what is supposed to happen.
You can click one of the other available options (say 'Entity Info at the top of the listed icons) and/or just continue editing and modeling.

Maybe it hasn’t be made clear but the Outliner isn’t available to Free users. You’d need SketchUp Shop to get Outliner and any of the other features where that kind of message pops up.

@DaveR Thanks for clearing it up.

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It’s not a free feature as @DaveR pointed out above

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