Sketchup free trial


I am using the 30 days free trial, but the program seems to have many issues.

When I right click to explode my groups or components all the items are gray( I can’t select anything).

When I try to move a platform the is not attached to anything the move button works as a puss/pull. The only way I can move the platform is by grouping it.

I sent the same file to my friend and he did not experience any issues. Am I facing this problem because I’m using the free trial version?

There is currently a known issue that regarding grayed out context menu items. It is being worked on and a maintenance release should be out pretty soon.

As for the Move issue, share your .skp file with us so we can see exactly what you have going on. I expect that problem is easily solved with the model in front of us.

There is no ‘special’ trial (or educational) version. We all get the same when downloaded. The ‘Trial’ plan ends after 30 days, Pro or Studio plans ends after a year.