Sketchup Free seen in the Wild!

As a (mostly) armchair woodworker, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Many of the woodworkers I follow use SketchUp and occasionally incorporate SketchUp into their video content.

Until this morning, I’d only seen desktop versions of Sketchup in these videos. This morning? I saw this:

Sketchup Free appears from 0:22 through 1:01. Entire video is 7:17.

Although it doesn’t show any actual modeling, I was impressed to see it in use on a relatively cheap (compared to laptops or desktops) Chromebook. I think the one pictured in the video is the Samsung Chromebook Pro.


One of my students this year insisted on using her Chromebook with a tiny (9~10"?) screen to run SU for Schools:

Me: “Is that line selected? I can’t tell.”
Her: “Yes, it’s blue. I can see it.”

Teenage eyes are a lot better than mine, but I couldn’t work on it. She did plug in a mouse borrowed off one of the Macs. This video glosses over how much you can actually do with the touch interface only.

BTW, there are some many schools out there that rely on Chromebooks to serve as “computers” for their students, that having a version of SU that runs on them is, as I understand it, one of the key reasons for making the web based version.

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True, but the point of the video wasn’t to show how to use SketchUp Free for modeling. It was to show the build of the bathtub tray. I have commented on YouTube asking for a video focused on how she models using SketchUp Free on her Chromebook.

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