SketchUp Free modelling/drawing window is tiny


Any idea how to make it bigger? It’s driving me nuts!


Show us what you’re seeing.

What operating system? Is it supposed to be Mac? What browser are you using?


Thanks for responding, how do I attach a screenshot?



I can’t really tell much from your screenshot. Do you have the browser window set to full screen?


I do, yes - i want to make the ‘orange’ logo bigger on my screen as my drawing sits behind this.


Did you try zooming in? The logo shouldn’t be there in the center at all.

Again, what browser are you using? You haven’t answered any of my questions.

When you first open SketchUp Free it should look like this:


I’m using Safari. When I first used Sketch it was fine (like you screenshot) but re-opening it a couple of months later it looks like per my screenshot. When I try to zoom in, it just zooms in within the logo (if that makes sense).


I’m using macOS High Sierra version 10.13.2 (on an iMac)


…and it does the same when I try to start a new file.


Try using Chrome instead.


Especially this:


Thank you, I’ll try Chrome!


It worked! Thank you VERY much :slight_smile: