SketchUp Free file save question

If I insert a model from my computer files created in SU2017 into SU Free then save the model after it’s modified does it save the changes to the original file on my computer? I am assuming it doesn’t.

heh I guess sages don’t do yes or no questions.

You answered your own question.
Obviously it doesn’t do anything to the one on your computer as they are in no way connected.

Actually, I just saw this. I believe the save operation saves it to the cloud and it doesn’t modify the model on your computer. At least the several files I’ve uploaded from my computer haven’t been changed after working on the model in SU Free.

yea I waited too long to delete the stupid question. I was on the phone. I was going to delete the model in the web app and deleting models makes me nervous

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There is an exception to this- if you have explored the web interface for Trimble Connect you may have discovered the desktop sync tool provided there. Much like the sync clients for Google Drive or Dropbox, Connect’s sync tool will keep a local directory of files synchronized with your Trimble Connect projects in the cloud.

Might be worth messing around a bit with.



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