Sketchup for Web wish list

If this is the wrong place to post this, please feel free to move it or let me know where I should post it.

For background/context, I use Sketchup for Web primarily on a 12.9” iPad Pro with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. (It works pretty well.)

Note: I’ve modified this request from my initial post. The original wish list is further down but the wish/request that follows supplants while also greatly expanding the original wish list items.

Wish/Feature Request: allow me to define what various keys and key+mouse combinations do…
Example 1: Setting A (for angle) switches to the protractor tool. (Somebody else may want to use A for something else or use a different key to switch to the protractor key — and they would be able to.)
Example 2: alt + left click shows/collapses the right hand panel
Example 3: alt + right click hides the right clicked object
Example 4: command + scroll = zoom

[Original Requests]
Wish 1 - When I select an item (Components, Materials, Tags, etc.) from the right hand toolbar, collapse it automatically when I click to the left of the toolbar.

Wish 2 - Just as holding Shift while in orbit mode switches to panning mode, allow me to hold down control/alt/shift (or various combinations thereof) to temporarily switch (while in select mode) to orbit, pan, and zoom.)

Both of these operations feel extremely intuitive to me. So much so that I find myself using them (unsuccessfully, of course) all the time.
[/Original Requests]

Just to clarify Wish 1… you want the panel to automatically collapse while you are using it?

About wish 2; since you’ve got a mouse, you just need to press down the scroller and you’ll be able to orbit while using any tool.

And press shift (or that key for Apple) and scroller at the same time to move. I think that’s called hover?

control-command-drag and shift-control-command-drag do work on Mac to let you orbit and pan. Very handy when using a trackpad. I don’t think there is a similar feature for Windows or Linux.

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No. I want it to collapse when I click away from it. (i.e. click in the main window area to the left of the panel.)

Doesn’t work for me. Are you using a mouse on an iPad Pro and that works for you?

Thanks for that! Works great! IIRC, there are key combos like that for Windows. Plus, on Windows, the scroll wheel on the mouse zooms in/out.Not on my iPad though. Don’t know if it’s the way iOS handles the mouse or whether it’s the way iOS handles my specific mouse.

Wait, are you using the web version on a Linux machine (per your profile) or are you talking about using it on an iPad? The web version on an iPad is quite problematic. There is a dedicated iPad version in development that should help with those issues.

I’m using it on an iPad. I have been for quite a while (couple years maybe) so I’m aware of the issues. I moved recently and my Linux box is in storage. (My iMac, too.) I have a Windows machine and yes, Sketchup for Web works a lot better on the Windows box but I do most of my modeling on the iPad simply because of the ease of portability. Dedicated iPad version sounds great!

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No sorry, I’m on a laptop. As RTCool said, must be because of the problems with the iPad web version of SketchUp that it doesn’t work for you.

Now that I know those and have tried them, I find them so cumbersome (especially the latter which is not quite as difficult as a D13sus4 chord on a guitar) that I just went back to O, H, and Z. Why can’t it just be something simple like command + drag to orbit (etc.)? Is that used for something else in some other version of Sketchup? I’ve supplanted my original wish list with a single wish that would address the original issues (and many others at the same time) in a better way.

Something worth noticing is that you can release the keys after you are orbiting. So, briefly control-commands start to drag, let go of the keys, and you can tap and release Shift to switch between orbit and pan.

On my Mac I have three finger touch set to act the same as mousedown. That means I can orbit and pan with a gentle stroke of the trackpad, no need to press downwards. Once you are orbiting you can release two fingers as well, at which point you are orbiting without any modifier keys, and without having to press down.

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That is interesting and I can certainly see where that would work very well with a trackpad. It’s not that useful for me, though, since fingering shift+control+command is difficult using the Bluetooth keyboard I have while it’s on my lap (which is where it always is when modeling on my iPad). It’s a great deal easier with the keyboard on a desktop/table top but if I’m going to sit at a desk, I’ll just use my Windows machine.

I realize that implementing a feature request for such a specific/rare use case doesn’t seem to be very logical but my revised request would, I think, be very helpful to the majority of Sketchup for Web users.

I also realize that going from hard coded to completely customizable keyboard modifiers is not trivial but it’s also not a Herculean task. Check out Notepad++ (Windows code editor) for a well done implementation. (Bonus: Notepad++ is GPL3.)