Sketchup For Web - Bug / Scale Tool

Hello Sketchup Developers!

There appears a keyboard shortcut conflict in the web version when using the Scale tool (S). The Toggle Uniform modifier should probably be [ Ctrl + Shift ], because sometimes you type a scaled measurement into that field as the inch symbol (") and that requires the [Shift + "] keys.

I used to select a face and type:

10" /

as in, make this distance 10" / out of whatever it currently is.

I can still make some scaled distance into 3’ out of whatever it currently is.

I’d also like to mention that the web version is pretty good. Coming from previous free download versions, I have been impressed with the features that are still available in the web version, even when they were redacted from previous free versions. I get the need to generate revenue.

That said, I think you should offer the use of materials on the web version, simply because it makes Sketchup such an invaluable quick development tool for testing shapes and cladding in 3d, for example. It seems generous to me to be able to use the web version to feel out framing and other assembly, and then pay for the full version to publish construction documents. With the web version, I now find myself copying a bunch of 3d shapes if I’m trying to get a feel for how siding would look if using 1x10’s or 1x6 cedar, and this was extremely fast to preview in simplified shapes with prior versions.

Could a Sketchup Pro for Web version be offered at a lower price? Could it be purchased via installments? Maybe $10 /month?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

The shift key modifier on the scale tool when entering the inches symbol is a known conflict. The current solution is to complete the scale operation by clicking again at any random scale, then type the desired measurement including the inches symbol. So, click to start scale, move a bit click to end scale, let go of mouse and type 10". The / symbol is unnecessary and will cause a fail.

SketchUp Shop is the paid online version which allows editing of materials along with other pro upgrades. It is $119 per year, just under $10 / month.

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Dave, thanks, that’s a very useful tip. I appreciate your taking time to answer the question.

I tried and found that click order works with the rectangle tool as well. It seems a bit jumbled out of order, but definitely works.

For developers out there, I wonder if a quick key (or even a combo) would be useful to select the scale axis along which the shape is to be altered, as is common with the Move tool when locking the axis?

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