Sketchup for Schools No Longer Working

We have been using Sketchup for Schools for years without issue. Recently, we have encountered so many that it is virtually unusable. It began a few weeks ago when it began demanding a CAPCHA challenge at login. Now we encounter issues like a total failure to login or errors while modeling like “looks like we’re having some internal issues”, or “Sketchup is unable to save”.

We rely on Sketchup for our DDP students to begin modeling. Does anyone have any suggestions? Our Google domain is if it needs to be whitelisted. Thank you.

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I really need some help with this. Sketchup for Schools has become virtually unusable for us. It is giving all of our users a CAPCHA challenge every single login, which would be tolerable if it worked. We are getting errors that lock the program down, basically with the first edit we make. This program was amazing for students… what happened?

Do you use Microsoft or Google Login?
Do you have this issue every day? do you get the CAPCHA request every time you try to login?

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