SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users

HI Steve - I am the GSuite admin and have revoked access and granted access back. Issue still shows. The directions outlined do not pertain to us because we already have it installed so the domain install is not an option only uninstall. We get the same screen that OSD and ggarciaf are receiving.

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I am one of the IT admins for JENSEN education and the teachers are shown the message “are you in the right place?” when trying to use this

It seems this issue is trending on many posts. Please add and to the whitelist. Our IT dept is outsourced and overwhelmed – and yet I’ve been planning student lesson plans for months. … this is frustrating!

Alex White, AIA
Instructor of Architecture, Arsenal Tech High School
Indianapolis Public Schools

@Vincentalm Has your domain administrator reaccepted the Google permissions as described in the original post? If so, could you please provide me with your school’s domain address.

@alxwhite your domain address has been manually registered (whitelisted), but your domain administrator will still need to reaccept the permissions following the instructions provided above. I’m sorry that this is interrupting your lessons, thank you for your patience!

Yes. domain adress is

Our Adminstrator has accepted the new permissions as described above… I (as a teacher) have no problems logging in to Sketchup for Schools, but the students (work on a Chromebook) still get the “Are you in the right place” message. Please some help because Sketchup is not accessible for a week now…

Out domain is: (both students and teachers use the same domain)

@Vincentalm @hujivodeurne Both of your domain addresses have been manually registered, so they are being allowed on our side. I would ask that you confirm that the new Google permissions have been accepted by someone with Domain level or Super Admin privileges. Organizational administrators unfortunately do not seem to have the ability to perform a complete “Domain Install”.
If you have questions about this please send me a screenshot of what you are being shown in the Google Marketplace listing when logged in with your administrative account. This might help us troubleshoot.


I was told our schools domain was added but we still cannot access the tutorials. We have a g suite account and use google classroom but the student and staff emails all end with I have tried since being told they have been added to the whitelist but we still have no luck and get the “are you in the right place” pop up.

Not sure were to go from here…
Thanks for the quick responses.


@bnatoli1 We have added your domain to our registry. Are you able to log into SketchUp for Schools or is it just the tutorials that you can’t access?

We got it figured out. Thankyou!!!

Can you whitelist our domain


@Dneil both of your domains were previously registered. Please make sure that the app has been reinstalled on your domain as described in the instructions above. If this has been completed and you are still having access issues please let us know.

I am also having problems with our student accounts getting caught in a loop while trying to login. My account works. I believe I followed the instructions properly. Can our domains be whitelisted please? and

Thank you.

Hi! We’ve followed the steps and our students are getting the “Are You in the right place” error.


Please whitelist

Please whitelist our domains as well:

Thank you,

Can you whitelist aswell?

@Vincentalm @dfoy @cmcline @bozz Your domains have all been manually registered.